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May 26, 2010

While learning advances the thirst for knowledge the flower of wisdom is nourished from the maturity of reason.

As part of the transition to its new owners, during inventory verification of the vaults, much previously unseen work of W.D.Gann has come to light. None of this material has been in the public domain and close examination of these archives reveal information that clearly forecast not only the present global economic crisis but also the massive commodity moves that have taken place and are forthcoming. New concepts as well as calculators were included in this discovery.

The original Gann work was made available to the world thanks to the hard work and efforts of the late Billy Jones and I have worked to keep the tradition alive. Without preservation none of this information would be known.

Given the previous abuse of the earlier collection by several parties and internet groups, this new found wisdom and knowledge is destined to stay within the close scrutiny of its new custodians.

Until then “Be,”your best self”

Nikki Jones

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  1. Wow !!! Congrats Nikki, the new website looks great.

    One of my fondest wishes is that someone would make a one hour biography of W.D., the kind you would expect to see on A&E’s Biography channel, or similar.

    Would the new owners have any interest in something like that ?
    As a matter of self interest, it could only help to increase awareness of the late great W.D, and that would certainly be good for business.

    I shall look forward to all the new things you have in store for us ! Russell S.

    Comment by Russell S. — June 4, 2010 @ 7:32 pm

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