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March 10, 2011

Our friend and fellow W.D. Gann researcher, Olga Morales, just received her copy of W.D. Gann’s Private Ephemeris.   Here is what she has to say:

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A Dream Come True

“If only I had a copy of W.D. Gann’s Ephemeris” – those words I have spoken so many times and now after 6 years of intense study, my wish has been granted. The timing is perfect, as Nikki Jones mentions in the preface of the book, something told her it was time to release Gann’s private ephemeris.

W.D. Gann published his coded novel “The Tunnel Thru the Air” in 1927, now in 2011 some 84 years later and a complete Uranus revolution- we have access to his private notes and comments. If you look very carefully, you’ll even unearth why Gann also called his novel – Looking Back from 1940.

You will also discover some Biblical cycles and counts he was using to study the War cycles. There are numerous recorded dates of his Lottery wins, but many cluster in a specific period obviously in tune with a lucky astrological period.

Significant celestial phenomena is underlined and highlighted, often with specific comments. There is a clear indication of the planets Gann was tracking and also a very special calculation in the side panels for nearly all the months. His notes reveal his application of planetary midpoints, declinations, Heliocentric transits and the Lunar Nodes.

I was pleasantly surprised when I reached the final page of the book to find a pouch with some extra inserts uncovered in certain parts of the Gann’s private ephemeris: a projection for 1949, two passages from the Bible and some detailed instructions on using planetary cycles and aspects.

There are also many personal entries like when he bought his cars, when he was elected on the Chicago Board of Trade, when his family members were born or died, days he opened and closed certain contracts and even one day when he fell and hurt himself.

I want to sincerely thank Nikki Jones for releasing Gann’s private Ephemeris so that serious Gann students can follow the steps of his Esoteric Mastery and find links to those puzzles we’ve had to speculate upon in the past.  It is also time for those in denial to accept that W.D. Gann was a Master Astrologer and open their minds to another dimension in cycle analysis. Uranus is the planet of awakening and astrology soon to ingress into Aries, starting the seeding time again in the Spring phase of its cycle.

Such an apt biblical passage found inside the book.

“Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind”. Rom 12:2

Olga Morales

March 2011

You can check out Olga’s website here:

Thanks, Olga!

More about W.D. Gann’s Private Ephemeris

October 11, 2010

Over the years I have been true to the Gann material that I knew was entrusted to me. I haven’t always been able to describe, nor explain many of the items I have. All I can tell you is that something has told me, “ it is time” to release this material.

Writing about Mr. Gann’s Ephemeris, all I have are memories—and that’s what this thing is going to be.   This is why I have asked a trusted friend to help me write a description that will describe these volume’s to you so they will be an asset to your trading.

I can’t say I saw Ed Lambert hand these volumes to Billy. All I remember is Ed really getting upset when certain boxes of books were uncovered and packed to the awaiting truck and impatient driver.

I could write pages on Mr. Lambert however that is another story. Ed shook and sweated and he was not really sure if this material, that had been buried for so long, should be part of the deal he & Billy had made. Time was up, the door of the truck closed and it was on its way to Washington State.

I remember three extremely affluent men at our farm. I was serving tea in the office when I heard the words,” loan or borrow” as they were looking at the bookshelves.  I do know that years later as I sat alone in the office of Lambert-Gann looking for material to help me understand anything, a letter appeared in a drawer I swear I had looked in dozens of times. It was a letter from one of the original three that had visited Billy. He spoke of the Ephemeris and I believe that was as far as I read. I reached for the phone, immediately called.

Unaware the phone was answered on the other side of the world. Splutters, excuses, and “oh, yes, there was a meeting tonight” and “oh, yes, I can bring the Ephemeris”—the exchange was made and the Ephemeris after being absent for many years flew back home. It has been safely locked away since then.

No matter how my hopes shall fail,

Or how I fall behind,

I’ll not sit down tonight to wail

That God has been unkind.

But, with a duty to fulfill,

And with a proud, defiant glance,

I’ll prove that still

I have the courage and the will,

And gird me for tomorrow’s chance.

Tunnel through the Air, pp.  144-145

-Nikki Jones

An ephemeris is a table of values that gives the positions of astronomical objects in the sky at a given time or times. The Raphael ephemeris gives the apparent geocentric positions of the Sun, Moon and planets, as seen as from the center of the earth.

The Raphael ephemeris tables the ASPECTS, ZODIACAL SIGNS and PLANETS along with ECLIPSES and other PHENOMENA on a given date.

W.D. Gann’s Personal Annotated Copy of Raphael’s Ephemeris 1941 to 1950
There is a lot written during the time period of the Ephemeris 1941 to 1950.

The chart “Path of Planets Chart #4” contained in the Commodities and Stock Market Courses correlates with the first two years of the W.D.Gann Ephemeris

Consider that W.D Gann published the following in and around the Time Cycle of 1941 to 1950

On May 24th 1940, right at the start of his booklet “Face facts America and Looking Ahead To 1950”…..W.D. Gann stated

“In 1927, when I wrote “The Tunnel Thru The Air or Looking Back From 1940” by the use of Time Cycles that I have discovered……All of these things I predicted”

See further extracts from “The Tunnel Thru The Air” as to astrological points.

On September 14th 1941, Mr. Gann forecast the top for Soy Beans and sold short, making large profits on the decline. (Extract from “W.D. Gann Economic Forecaster”)

Read the book, see the forecasts and build the charts for yourself. It may help you to understand how W.D. Gann applied the facts or Phenomena from the Ephemeris on the specific dates he included in the book.

On June 6th 1951 “How to Make Profits in Commodities” was published.

A careful comparison of the two editions shows up some very interesting changes. For example, why are the charts on pages 359 to 366 revised and showing swings long past W.D Gann’s publication date of 1951 and his death in 1955?

He was clearly making Forecasts using an EPHEMERIS.

On July 18th 1949, Gann signed and published“45 Years In Wall Street”

Read the book, see the forecasts and build the charts for yourself. Again it may help you to understand how W.D.Gann was working. In particular read Chapter VIII, pages 82 to 89. The chapter is called “Months When Extreme Highs and Lows Were Recorded”.

Below are some extracts and references contained in “The Tunnel Thru The Air, or Looking Back From 1940” that clearly identify W.D Gann was using Astrology and Data coming from the tables in an Ephemeris.

This story is founded on facts and events, many of which have happened or will happen in the future. It has been well said that truth is stranger than fiction.


  • Second, It teaches a moral lesson and proves the Natural laws laid down in the Bible.
  • Third,   It shows the value of science, foreknowledge and preparedness.

Page 66

  • “I have read in the tables of heaven (Ephemeris) whatsoever things shall befall both of you and your children.”
  • I believe in the stars, I believe in astrology, and I have figured out my destiny.
  • The Bible makes it plain that the stars do Rule
  • “He tellest the number of the stars,

Page 67

  • I have demonstrated this to mean that the planets rule our Destinies.

Page 171

  • his only faith was in astrology, and science laid down in the Bible

Page 172

  • His calculations showed that wheat and cotton should be top for a reaction on June 10th so he wired his broker in New York to sell out his wheat and cotton. Corn was down that morning, so he telegraphed the broker to buy 20,000 bushels of September corn. After sending   this telegram, he glanced over the morning paper and saw an advertisement headed, “Professor O. B. Joyful, ”Astrologer.

Robert eagerly read the advertisement because the name attracted him. And he was looking for something to make him joyful. Professor Joyful’s advertisement stated that “with the science of Astrology, he could tell when success would start, when trouble would end and reveal when marriage would take place.”

Robert was a great believer in Astrology because he had found this great    science referred to so many times in the Holy Bible. Robert remembered reading in the Psalms 111: 2:

The works of the Lord are great, sought out of all them that have pleasure therein. He had made notes as he read the Bible at different times where it referred to Astrology or the signs in the heavens and was thoroughly convinced that the influence of the heavenly bodies govern our lives.

Throughout  “The tunnel thru the air” there are extensive references to CYCLES, PAST and FUTURE, MAJOR and MINOR CYCLES, references to the SUN, MOON, MARS, SATURN,VENUS, URANUS, JUPITER, CHANGING SIGNS, ASPECTS, CONJUNCTIONS, TRANSITS AND MUCH MUCH MORE.

All of these details are obtained from an EPHEMERIS

Note that W.D.Gann of Gemini and Sepharial of Pisces were on the ZODIAC COUNCIL of THE ASTROLOGICAL SOCIETY,INC N. Y. in February 1914 ( See. Sepherial’s The Science of Foreknowledge 1918)

Will you be one of the 400 people in the world to own this treasure?

Click here to buy W.D.Gann’s Private Ephemeris now.

W.D.Gann’s Private Ephemeris

July 14, 2010

Page from Gann's Ephemeris

The stars have aligned and we have decided to release another of W.D. Gann’s more sought after and valuable items.

His own copy of Raphael’s ephemeris.

W.D. Gann kept hundreds of notes in his ephemeris and used it in his market predictions.

This will be a limited edition of 400 numbered copies compiling ten years of the ephemeris together, just as he had it.

What will you learn from this rare tome?

Watch for this in our series from the vault in the coming month!

Call to reserve your copy today.

Series From the Vault

May 26, 2010

While learning advances the thirst for knowledge the flower of wisdom is nourished from the maturity of reason.

As part of the transition to its new owners, during inventory verification of the vaults, much previously unseen work of W.D.Gann has come to light. None of this material has been in the public domain and close examination of these archives reveal information that clearly forecast not only the present global economic crisis but also the massive commodity moves that have taken place and are forthcoming. New concepts as well as calculators were included in this discovery.

The original Gann work was made available to the world thanks to the hard work and efforts of the late Billy Jones and I have worked to keep the tradition alive. Without preservation none of this information would be known.

Given the previous abuse of the earlier collection by several parties and internet groups, this new found wisdom and knowledge is destined to stay within the close scrutiny of its new custodians.

Until then “Be,”your best self”

Nikki Jones

e-mail me at

Workshop Reviews

March 19, 2010


“Extremely well organized and executed.”
Jim Geiger, MI

“Excellent. A truly life changing experience. I feel much more confident in my decision to make my living as a trader.”
David Colbert, TX

“I love the way it trades over all markets. The learning about Gann is addictive.”
Dr. David Long, OH

“[The most helpful session was] forecasting – converting Gann language to terms I understand.”
Chuck Essman, OK

“Ken is a gifted, dedicated teacher. Compared to all of the technical seminars I have attended, he presented the most comprehensive information in a very clear and understandable manner in a relatively short period of time. Attending your seminar was well worth my time and money. I look forward to attending the next one.”
Dr. James Dragun, MI

“W. D. Gann is a journey of life for me. All people involved showed a deeper love than just making money.”
Clarence Camille Manck, LA

“Took away the veil and gave the meat and potatoes needed. Was the most helpful seminar I have ever attended. One of the few I have actually learned something that can be used right away – Best presenters and a very gracious host.”
Jim McGrady, SC

“I’ve spent a lot of money on a lot of financial courses, software and books etc, from all over the world. In the past, I have gone elsewhere than Lambert-Gann and have been duped in the short term, taken in by other methods. As those methods have fallen by the wayside, I have kept coming back to Lambert-Gann.

I’ve been a few times and will be back again in May. I missed the last in December, just couldn’t get there unfortunately. The conference revolves around July beans, but the methods can be used on other markets no problem.

Personally, I love the Gann conferences. But, I am very much out the older mould in as much as I don’t use indicators in the form of oscillators etc and like the old methods and techniques. For all this modern stuff I still prefer to hand chart.

If you go to the thing expecting to get some fancy new indicator that you can just press a button and everything happens for you, then you will be disappointed. The conference is about empowering you to be able to do things yourself, and that road is not so short and involves you putting in the time and effort. You have to go away and do it, and that means update your hand charts every day, spend time memorizing past movements and extreme prices, and fully immerse yourself in the chart. It is not about pretty colours, multiple big screens and tick data. It is traditional – pen, graph paper, ruler and end of day data.

There are other methodologies around and these days one can encounter a lot of free and very cheap info on the web, some of which is really excellent. But, I guess you need to know what you are looking for to some extent. The course isn’t that cheap compared to other alternatives, but I have always made good money using the techniques that I learned from Ken Gerber.”


Ken Gerber’s new article

February 16, 2010

Look for Ken Gerber’s newest article in The Educated Analyst scheduled to hit the virtual magazine rack on March 2, 2010!

Here is a piece from the upcoming article!

If one locates the date of July 3 on either date ring of the Natural Squares Calculator, the corresponding date or inverse date on the other ring (progressing in the opposite direction),  is June 11 (see Fig. 1 below). What we have discovered is that the probability of another change in trend on the inverse date is extremely high. In addition, the odds are very good that it will be the same trend change (significant high or low). Notice then on the chart that the high of the 2009 year comes on…..


All new students at our workshops receive the Natural Squares Calculator free!

Attend our workshop May 3-7th, 2010 for personal instruction with one of W.D. Gann’s most profitable tools.

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