December Cotton Chart Package

January 24, 2012

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One of our primary goals is preserving W.D. Gann’s working materials.  We are forever preserving the December Cotton charts, made by W.D. Gann, by scanning and reprinting them for you.

W.D. Gann made thousands of charts throughout his lifetime.  Some were studies, others for keeping data, and others for forecasting and trading.  The December Cotton Chart Package contains two weekly charts containing the same dates.  One was kept in a binder, and the other was rolled up and obviously pieced together as the market was trading.

W.D. Gann used binders to hold most of his stock and commodity charts, but there were hundreds more loose charts and many rolled up charts as well.  Many trunks of rolled up and stacked charts are part of Gann’s legacy.

This chart was one found in one of the trunks, rolled up and a bit rough around the edges.  It was very well used and exhibits the tell tale grease marks from being rolled and held in the hand for extended periods of time.

It is fascinating to view the difference between the two weekly charts contained in this 4 or 5 chart package.

DSCN1395You can view the Cotton Package Here

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