The Anaconda Connection

January 10, 2012

Our most recent chart release from the vault is the Anaconda Mining Company package.  This is a special set due to many factors.  Anaconda’s connection to precious metals,  wealthy and powerful people, and it’s strange link to W.D. Gann make this an interesting study.

Anaconda 5 chart set plus booklet

Anaconda 5 chart set plus booklet

Five charts are included in this massive set for your study.  We have also released from the vault a reproduction of the newspaper containing a little known interview with W.D. Gann.  The 1919 article deals with numerology and politics and may be quite different from anything you have read before.

Anaconda is mentioned in “Truth of the Stock Tape” as well.  Heavy manipulation was at play with the Anaconda Stock and you can see that Gann was forecasting and trading Anaconda regardless of this.  The study of past charts, and chart patterns is a very good way for you to improve your future.  See the chart package here.

Cody Jones

Observations, and keen comparisons of past market movements, will reveal what Commodities are going to do in the future, because the future is but a repetition of the past.”  - W.D. Gann

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