Poor Business, Damaged Crops, Strikes and Bank Failures in 1923 Predicted by Prophet

February 13, 2013

March 5, 1923

William D. Gann is 85 Per Cent Right in His Forecasts, His Followers Declare


Foresaw Date of End of War and Election of Harding and Wilson

“I knew you would be coming in to-day,”  was the greeting the unheralded reporter received on entering the office of William D. Gann at No. 49 Broadway.  ”When I looked at the calendar this morning and saw it was the year 1923 I knew I would receive callers from newspaper and publicity people.”

Mr. Gann predicts other and more important things, such as stock quotations, end of wars and elections of Presidents, with an accuracy that has made a recognized authority in Wall Street.  He predicted the election of Wilson and of Harding, and he told of the abdication of the Kaiser and the end of the war to the exact date six months beforehand.


His daily Supply and Demand letter gives to his clients scientific forecasts on stocks, cotton and grain.  And the clients who have followed his advice for twenty years testify that eighty-five per cent of his predictions are correct.

“I figure things by mathematics,” Mr. Gann explained.  ”There is nothing mysterious about any of my predictions.  If I have the data I can use algebra and geometry and tell exactly by the theory of cycles when a certain thing is going to occur again.

“If we wish to avert failure in speculation we must deal with causes.  Everything in existence is based on exact proportion and perfect relationship.  There is no chance in nature because mathematical principles o f the highest order lie at the foundation of all things.  Faraday said:-’There is nothing in the universe but mathematical points of force.’ ”

Mr. Gann’s business outlook for 1923 forecasts a generally low average caused by strikes and threats of war in foreign lands and poor crop conditions.


“While there will be spurts of activity and some fairly good business during the spring and late summer, the general outlook is not encouraging and there is no indication of any boom in business this year.

“The foreign situation will play an important part in our business affairs as our government will have a lot of trouble on account of secret enemies in foreign countries.

“From April to June a serious falling off in business and financial troubles and bank failures are indicated.  During April the laboring classes will be very much dissatisfied and strikes are threatened.

“During the fall a serious business depression will set in and the general outlook becomes cloudy.


“The summer will see storms that will damage crops and by October business conditions will be bordering on a panic.

“In December loss of confidence on the part of the public and dissatisfaction with the administration at Washington will cause a serious wave of pessimism to fall over the entire country.”

In 1921 Mr. Gann predicted that President Harding would be a war President, and he still holds to that prediction.

“I hope I am wrong,” he said, “but the forecast still stands and has until 1924 to be fulfilled and mathematics do not lie.”

Mr. Gann predicted the election of Woodrow Wilson because the cycle had come back again to a man with a name beginning with W and ending with N.  Washington having been the first and last President with those two letters placed in that way.

The forecast which told of Harding’s election has been explained by Mr. Gann as follows:-Senator Warren G. Harding was born November 2, 1865.  His name contains some of the most powerful fame and wealth-producing letters.  The name Warren, beginning with W and ending with N, is very fortunate and gives him power to overcome obstacles and opponents.  His name and numbers show that he will be conservative and act only after due consideration.  His foreign policy will help him to win.

“His fortunate numbers are 2, 4, 6, 8, and 11.  Note that the Declaration of Independence on July 4 and inauguration day on March 4 both fall on one of his fortunate numbers.  The election takes place on the second day of the eleventh month, both fortunate numbers for him.”


On the other hand Mr. Gann predicted the defeat of Governor Cox because his name contained only one fortunate letter.  There has never been but one President with the initial C.  That was Cleveland.  But the letter H recurs every tenth cycle.  William H. Harrison was the ninth President.  R.B. Hayes was the nineteenth President, so there  was nothing left but for Warren G. Harding to be the twenty-ninth.

It might be well for the political parties to consult Mr. Gann before the nominations are made in 1924 to find out what letter is due to win in this election.  They could then choose a man with the right kind of letters in his name.

Mr. Gann gets calls every day from men and women prominent in all walks of life asking him to cast their horoscope.  He tells politicians whether or not they will be elected and solves other problems for clergymen, bankers and statesmen.


This article was written 90 years ago this year.  How much has really changed? –Cody Jones

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